Skillsfuture Baking Courses

Gra Baking academy offers four skillsfuture claimable baking courses.

The team of experts having good industry experience will guide you with all the latest industry trends and techniques of baking. Start your baking journey to fulfil your beautiful dream of becoming a pastry chef with our popular skills future claimable baking courses.

Soft Breads & Sweet Buns workshop is a comprehensive hands-on workshop. Participants will be able to understand the elements of soft bread and sweet buns and learn how to produce Hotdog bread, Cinnamon and raisins rolls, Floss Bun, Red Bean Bun (Filled Bun), Sugar Bun, Sausage Bun, Mini Pizza and Cheese bun.

In this one-day comprehensive Puff Pastry & Croissant hands-on workshop, participants will be able to understand the elements of puff pastry and croissant. Learn how to produce laminated pastry dough from scratch and produce Vol-au-vents, Turnovers, Pockets, Pinwheels, Palmiers and croissants.

Basic Cake Baking Principles is a two-day comprehensive class. Participants will be able to learn different ways of cake mixing methods. In addition, get to know the function of the ingredients, scale and bake cakes correctly. Furthermore, identify the typical cakes fault and the root causes to rectify cake failures or defects. Produce high fat or shortened cakes, including high ratio cakes and cakes mixed by creaming, produce form types cakes including sponge, and chiffon cake. Suppose you don’t have any baking experience. In that case, the Basic cake baking principles course is the best way to start your baking journey.

Upon completion of the Fancy Cakes Baking and Decoration course, participants will be able to understand the essential elements required to bake different types of sponge cake, explain the function of the ingredients, and produce Ombre Rosette Cake and Six Layer Rainbow Cake.

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