Baking Station Rental

From: $100.00

Cost-effective way to rent a space for your baking needs. The baking station is suitable for individual or couple. Bake to bond with your family or for team building and corporate events, as well as birthday celebrations and more! It is ideal for small-scale events.

Duration: Minimum 3 hour slot

No of people allowed per station : Max 2 people

Select the date and time then submit to check the availability

You make the payment only after we confirm the availability

Please read the terms and conditions below before making your booking

Basic Baking Equipment & Utensils

Each station is equipped with convection oven, Micro wave oven with proofer, Stand mixer,  work table, water tap & sink.

Basic utensils provided for each station: Large, medium, small size stainless steel mixing bowls, one set of measuring cups & spoons, one digital scale, one sieve, one wire whisk & spatula, one turn table, one plate knife, baking trays (round tines 6″, 7″, sheet pan 12×15).


Post cleaning service

Cleaning and washing are part of the baking experience; the area/studio must be left clean in the state in which it was found. However, you can purchase a cleaning service if you need it.

Terms and conditions:

  1. Fees and bonds

1.1 The hirer/hirer’s group will only be entitled to use the particular part or parts of the studio specified when booking.

1.2 Every booking will requires a security deposit against damage, or for breach of any part of the agreement.

1.3 Booking is only confirmed once full payment and deposit has been received. Once your booking is confirmed, no refunds or transfers will be given.

1.4 The deposit will be returned to the hirer within two days of the event (or as mutually agreed) providing there is no damage, missing equipment, the area/studio is cleaned to reasonable standards.

  1. Cancellation of Booking

2.1 Payment will be fully forfeited regardless of the unforeseen circumstances for cancellation within one weeks prior to the event.

2.2 Payment will be refunded after deduction of admin fees (20% of the payment) if you decide to cancel the slots at least one week before the event.

2.3 Refundable security deposit will be fully refunded to the hirer.


  1. Expectations on Behaviour

3.1 Smoking and consumption of alcohol is not permitted anywhere within the premises.

3.2 Any individual or group that limits the enjoyment of other users through their behaviour will be asked to leave the studio and denied any future entry.

3.3 Complaints of excessive noise or unruly behaviour may render the hirer or associated organisation unacceptable to utilise our studio for future events.

3.4 All children present must be under adult supervision at all times.


  1. Exit procedures

4.1 The Hirer will be required to vacate the facility within the specified time. It is the Hirer’s responsibility to ensure that sufficient time is allocated for cleaning up of area, utensils and equipment.

4.2 Exceeding the allocated time allowed for the session may be subjected to additional cost at the reasonable discretion of the management.

4.3 All food made by the hirer in the studio have to be removed. We do not provide storage facilities.

4.4 All rubbish is to be removed.

4.5 Floors must be mopped and/or vacuumed to the satisfaction of the management.

4.6 The area/studio must be left clean in the state in which it was found.

  1. Indemnity

The Hirer agrees to indemnify Gra Baking Academy from and against all actions, claims, costs, losses, expenses and damages in respect of: personal injury (including death) or illness to any person or loss of, loss of use of, or damage to any property

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