Charlotte Russe & Oat Chocolate Cookies

Pre-requisite: None
Date: 6th September 2022

Time: 9 am- 1 pm
Method: Hands-on
Venue: 401, Macpherson Road, #02-11/12/13 Macpherson Mall.


Charlotte Russe is a cake that the mould of the cake pan is lined with sponge fingers (Ladyfingers) and then filled with silky Bavarian cream.
Bake healthy Chocolate Oat cookies, that’s perfect to pack into your child’s lunch box.

What you will be learning:

 • Bake the sponge fingers.
• Make the Bavarian filling.
• Assemble and decorate the cake.
• Bake chocolate oat cookies.

What you will be getting:

 • Printed recipe for sponge fingers.
• Printed recipe for the Bavarian filling.
• Printed recipe for chocolate oat cookies.
• Awesome knowledge and experiences.
• The delicious treats that you have created.

Please take note washing and cleaning are part of the workshop.

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