Korean Buttercream Floral Cupcakes

Pre-requisite: None
Date: To be confirmed
Duration: 5-6 hours
Method: Hands-on
Medium: English
Venue: 401, Macpherson Road, #02-11/12/13 Macpherson Mall.


So beautiful and more delicate than the ordinary buttercream cupcakes. In this one-day comprehensive hands-on workshop, participants will learn how to make the glossy buttercream and pipe beautiful flowers and decorate Korean style cupcakes.


This is a decoration workshop; hence, you’ll be not baking cupcakes in class. Prebaked cupcakes will be provided for you to practice decoration and you can bring your beautiful creations home.

What you will be learning:

 • Learn how to Make Glossy Buttercream icing.
• Learn different types of icing consistencies.
• Learn how to use pastry bags, tips and couplers.
• Practice how to pipe flowers such as Blossom, Daisy, Primrose, Hydrangea, Rose, Poppy, Scabiosa, Mini Ranunculus, Leafs and Bud.
• Learn how to prepare cupcakes for decoration.
• Learn how to decorate cupcakes in Korean style.


What you will be getting:

• Printed recipe for Glossy Buttercream.
• A lot of decoration tips and ideas.
• Free rental of a set of professional decorating materials and tips for you to use in class.
• Awesome knowledge and experience.
• Certificate of completion.
• Delicious and gorgeous cupcakes you have created.

Please take note washing and cleaning are part of the workshop

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