Roti Prata and Chicken Curry

Roti prata, also known as roti chenai is introduced around the 19th century and has become a popular breakfast and snack dish, especially in Malaysia and Singapore. It is the most famous example of South Indian cuisine in the region. Learn how to flap this fascinating layered flat bread in this hands-on Prata-making workshop.

Halal Ingredients

Pre-requisite: None
Method: Demonstration and hands-on.
Duration: 5 – 6 hours (Including lunch break)
Venue: 401, Macpherson Road, #02-11/12/13 Macpherson Mall.

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Learn how to flap this fascinating layered Roti prata bread in this one day hands-on workshop. Small class size, Individual attention.

What you will be learning:

• Learn how to make roti Prata dough from scratch.
• Practice flapping and folding your own roti prata.
• Learn how to fry the prata you made to the perfect finish.
• Learn how to make the chicken curry (Demo by the Chef)

What you will be getting:

• Printed recipe for prata and chicken curry.
• Delicious roti prata you have made in class.
• Awesome knowledge and fun experience of making your own prata.

Please take note washing and cleaning are part of the workshop


15th March 2023, 10th June 2023


10 am – 3pm

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