Tuna Buns

Pre-requisite: None
Date: To be confirmed
Duration: 3 hours
Method: Hands-on
Venue: 401, Macpherson Road, #02-11/12/13 Macpherson Mall.


Malu Paan is one of the more unique bread that you can find in Sri Lanka. It’s a triangular-shaped bun filled with tuna and potato curry. Learnt to make this at home. It is a convenient and healthy on the go breakfast.


What you will be learning:

• Prepare soft yeast dough from scratch for buns.
• Prepare tuna and potato curry filling.
• Scale, fill and shape the buns.
• Proof and bake the buns.


What you will be getting:

• Printed recipe for buns.
• Printed recipe for filling.
• Delicious and healthy bread rolls you have created.
• Awesome knowledge about bread making.

Please take note washing and cleaning are part of the workshop.

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