Cake Decoration Piping Techniques (Part 1) — 10th December 2020


10th December 2020

Halal Ingredients

Pre-requisite : None
Date : 10th December 2020
Time : 9.00am – 6.00pm
Method : Hands-on
Venue : 780, Upper Serangoon Road, #01-06 Choon Kim House

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A six hours comprehensive workshop to learn all you need to know about cake decoration and piping techniques.
Decorate cakes beloved by everyone! Learn easy techniques that make beautiful buttercream cake. Piping is relaxing, therapeutic and fun.

Wow your friends and family at your next celebration with timeless decoration techniques and flower designs learnt in this workshop!

If you are a beginner for cake decorating, this workshop will give you a step-by-step overview of techniques that will make cake decoration much easier.
After attending this workshop, with a bit of practice and patience you will be able to create stunning cakes and surprise your party guests.


You will use butter cream to practice piping skills and use fresh cream to decorate your ultimate master piece. However, the skills you learn in this workshop can be applied to any kind of icing medium to create stunning edible art.


What you will learn

• Learn how to prepare the cake by layering, filling and crumb coating.
• Make buttercream icing for piping practice.
• Learn different types of icing consistencies for different purposes.
• How to use pastry bags, tips and couplers.
• Learn basic piping skills such as piping a shell, dot, star, rosette, leaves, grass, line, writing and etc.
• Learn moderate piping skills such as different type of boarders, figure piping, filling techniques and rose piping.
• Learn basket weaving techniques in cake decoration.

• Apply the piping skills learnt to decorate a cake in class.


What you will be getting
• Printed recipe for buttercream icing.
• Printed notes for Cake decoration piping techniques.
• A lot of decoration ideas.
• Free use of professional decorating materials and tips in class.
• Awesome knowledge and experience.
• Delicious and gorgeous master piece you have created.