Chocolate Cakes Baking and Decoration — 18th October 2020


18th October 2020

Halal Ingredients

Pre-requisite : None
Date : 18th October 2020
Time : 9.00am – 6.00pm
Method : Hands-on
Venue : 780, Upper Serangoon Road, #01-06 Choon Kim House

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In This class, participants learn to bake and decorate different types of chocolate cake.
A chocolate sponge cake, which is extremely light & moist chocolate cake layers covered with delicious white, milk and dark chocolate roses.
A double chocolate cake with chocolate fudge decoration.
Take indulgence to another level with these chocolate cake recipes. Delicious cake recipes that once you’ve made, you’ll want to make over and over again for special occasions.


What you will be learning :

• Selection of quality ingredients necessary to produce high-quality cakes
• List and describe the ingredients and their function
• Scaling cake batters
• Pan preparation
• Baking & cooling
• Learn to bake moist chocolate sponge cake.
• Learn to make delicious white, milk and dark chocolate icing.
• Learn the techniques of Assembling and frosting the cake.
• Learn to pipe perfect rosettes and decorate the cake.
• How to make perfect rich chocolate cake.
• Learn how to make dark chocolate fudge.
• Expert techniques for baking and assembling the cakes.
• Professional pastry techniques for decoration.


What you will be getting :
• Printed recipe for all the items learnt in class.
• Delicious and gorgeous cakes you have created.
• Certificate of participation
• Awesome knowledge and experience about cake baking and decoration.