French Pastries workshop — 21st November 2020


21st November 2020
Halal Ingredients

Pre-requisite : None
Date : 21st November 2020
Time : 9.00am – 6.00pm
Method : Hands-on
Venue : 780, Upper Serangoon Road,#01-06 Choon Kim House.

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French macarons are very popular in French pastries, where a dazzling array of colours and flavours can be found. As simple as they look, macarons can be little tricky to make. But don’t let that put you off because in this class has everything you need to know for successful macaron making.

Choux au craquelin (Crispy cream puff) is often thought as difficult to make, but in fact It’s the easiest pastry you’ll ever make. Crispy cream puff pastry is deliciously light and crisp, requiring only few ingredients.


What you will be learning
• Selection of quality ingredients necessary to produce high-quality French pastries.
• How to make meringue for macarons
• How to make French macaron shells
• Make basic buttercream filling for macaron
• Assemble macarons with filling
• Learn how to decorate Macarons.
• Make choux pastry dough.
• Make pipe the dough into different pastries.
• Make Craquelins.
• Make pastry cream filling.
• Make chocolate ganache.
• Make chocolate cream filling.
• Assemble and decorate pastries using professional decoration techniques.
• Store pastries in appropriate manner.


What you will be getting
• Printed recipe for macarons.
• Printed recipe for cream puff pastry.
• Printed recipe for crispy craqulin.
• Printed recipe for various fillings.
• Extremely delicious and beautiful pastries that you have created.
• Certificate of participation.