Straight Dough Artisan Bread — 25th November 2020


25th November 2020

Pre-requisite : None
Date : 25th November 2020
Time : 9.00am -6.00pm
Method : Demonstration and hands-on.
Venue : 780, Upper Serangoon Road, #01-06 Choon Kim House, Singapore 534649.


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I enjoy making bread because making your own bread ensures that it is made naturally without any preservatives and can be eaten safely without fear of affecting our health. Artisan Breads are hand-crafted breads using traditional methods. Hence you do not need any professional machines to make it at home.

In this one-day comprehensive hands-on workshop, participants will be able to understand the elements of straight dough artisan bread and lean how to produce Classic French Baguettes, Oat-Flax Dinner Rolls, French Rye Bread & Wholemeal French Breads.

What you will be learning :

• List and describe the ingredients and their function in basic bread dough
• Produce basic bread dough using straight dough method
• Scale and shape dough by hand into desired shapes
• Proof and bake dough to a satisfactory standard
• Produce 4 types of artisan breads
Classic French Baguettes
Oat-Flax Dinner Rolls
French Rye Bread
Wholemeal French Breads
• Cool and store baked breads in appropriate manner

What you will be getting :

• Printed recipe for all the items leaned in class.
• Delicious and healthy breads and buns you have created.
• Certificate of participation.
• Awesome knowledge about bread making.