SkillsFuture Claimable Baking Courses

SkillsFuture Claimable Baking Courses

Unlock Your Baking Potential: SkillsFuture claimable courses are not subsidized Unlike WSQ courses. Nevertheless, you have the opportunity to fully cover the course fees using your SkillsFuture credits. Embark on your baking adventure by utilizing your SkillsFuture credits for the courses listed below, you can claim the entire course fee.

Act Now to Elevate Your Baking Skills: Our SkillsFuture-Only Courses Expire Next Year! Seize this golden chance to enhance your baking prowess through our one-day baking courses.

Duration: 16 hours (2 days)

Course Fee: $400

Time: 10.00 am


Available dates:


8th & 9th | 29th & 30th May

(Wed, Thu) | (Wed, Thu)

8th & 9th | 20th & 21st June

(Sat, Sun) | (Thu, Fri)

3rd & 4th | 3rd & 10th July

(Wed, Thu) | (Wednesdays)

24th & 25th

(Sat, Sun) 

Duration: 8 hours (1 day)

Course Fee: $230

Time: 10.00 am


Available dates:


12th |14th | 25th May

(Sun | Tus | Sat)

2nd, 20th, 29th June

(Sun | Thu | Sat)

5th, 27th July

(Fri | Sat)

4th, 16th, 24th Aug

(Sun | Fri | Sat)

Duration: 8 hours (1 day)

Course Fee: $230

Time: 10.00 am


Available dates:


4th | 12th | 15th | 26th May

(Sat | Sun | Wed | Sun  )

1st | 9th | 18th | 30th June

(Sat | Sun | Tue | Sun)

6th | 14th |  28th July

(Sat | Sun |  Sun)

4th | 17th |  28th Aug

(Sun | Sat |  Wed)


  • Individuals who would like to learn to how to bake.
  • Individuals who are working in F & B to develop their skills in baking.
  • Individuals who might be keen on joining the F& B industry.
  • Individuals who wish to obtain the technical skills required to start a bakery business.
  • Private group session can be arranged just for your group if you have minimum 6 participants in your group.

Maximum – 10 participants in one class.

Minimum – 4 participants to commence the class.

(Class will be rescheduled if there are not enough participants to commence the class, and we’ll inform the registered participants minimum 3 days in advance)


  • Practical activities include live demonstrations and hands-on practice.
  • Discussion and feedback.

No Assessment

Expected Attire:

  • Covered shoes & Comfortable clothing (non-revealing)


Gra Baking Academy Certificate of Completion

(E-Certificate will be sent to you within 3 weeks after course completion)

Singaporeans above 25 years old can fully claim course fees from their SkillsFuture Credit, provided there is a sufficient amount available in their SkillsFuture account.

a) Please visit the link Register now! to check more details about the courses, and book your slot online.

b) Choose the payment mode as skills future credit and place your order. Once we receive your order, we'll send you step-by-step instructions on how to submit for claim and how to transfer the refundable deposit.

  1. Submit the claim for full course fees, directly to Skills Future (Home |
  2. Transfer your refundable deposit
  3. Send us your full NRIC number and DOB (date of birth) for enrolment..

c) Your booking will be confirmed only after we receive your claim approval, refundable deposit and the details requested above no 3. We'll send you the class confirmation email.

The purpose of the deposit is to secure a tentative booking for your registration. The booking is confirmed only upon receipt of the deposit and the approval of the claim from SkillsFuture. The deposit will be refunded after course completion (via PayNow or cheque). If you cancel the class or fail to attend, the deposit will be forfeited, and the claim will be refunded back to your SkillsFuture credit.

The course fee will be disbursed by SkillsFuture credit to the training provider only three weeks after course completion. However, trainees attend the course in advance before the training provider receives payment. Hence, we will collect the deposit only from trainees utilizing SkillsFuture credit to help cover a portion of our expenses.

Certainly, our courses are open to everyone. Since you're not using SkillsFuture Credit, you can select an alternative payment method when booking. Your booking will be confirmed upon receipt of the full payment.

Where can I get more information about SkillsFuture Credit?

Please visit the link below to get more information about SkillsFuture Credit

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