Frequently Asked Questions

How to book Skillsfuture claimable baking courses?

a) Please visit the skillsfuture claimable baking classes  link to check more details about the courses, schedule and book your slot online.

b) Choose the payment mode as skills future credit and place your order. Once we receive your order, we'll send you step-by-step instructions on how to submit for claim and how to transfer the refundable deposit.

  1. Submit the claim for full course fees, directly to Skills Future (Home |
  2. Transfer your refundable deposit
  3. Send us your full NRIC number and DOB (date of birth) for enrolment..

c) Your booking will be confirmed only after we receive your claim approval, refundable deposit and the details requested above no 3. We'll send you the class confirmation email.


Who can attend Skillsfuture claimable baking courses?

Anyone interested in baking, including foreigners and Singapore PR holders, can attend our skills future claimable baking classes. However, only Singapore citizens aged 25 years and above can claim the course fees from their skills future credit. Other participants should use different payment modes to pay the course fees.

How much can I claim from my skillsfuture credit?

The entire course fees can be claimable from your skills-future credit. However, if you do not have enough credit in your skills future credit, you can submit a partial claim and pay the balance course fees directly to Gra Baking Academy.

Where can I get more information about Skillsfuture credit?

Please visit the link below to get more information about skills future credit.

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